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The Personal Social Responsibility Lifestyle (CSR 3.0)

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

"Every nation and economy needs to address as much of the fundamentals requirements for its citizens to achieve meaningful life, as their situation permits. How to not duplicate what is already being done, while creating mechanisms for identifying needs, and executing programs and projects as feasible and as effective as possible is the challenge"

- Mr. Tony Yap, BCYF Chairman

The Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation (BCYF) encourages everyone especially the youth to embrace a CSR 3.0 lifestyle, which is Personal Social Responsibility.

The US Chamber of Commerce Foundation calls CSR 3.0 as Capitalism with a Twist of Network Value.

If CSR 1.0 was "do good because it is good," and CSR 2.0 was "shared value -- do good in alignment with your business strategy," then CSR 3.0 is "networked value – do good in alignment with your business strategy and tap into the power of your value chain and social network. Fully utilizing this network, companies, NGOs and governments can create greater social and financial net worth for both the company and the country.”

In an article published by Thesa.org, Professor David Grayson CBE, director of the Doughty Centre for Corporate Responsibility, visits the RSA to demonstrate how a new wave of corporate responsibility coalitions are collectively self-regulating, promoting good behaviour and responding to societal challenges.

BCYF's call to action makes this a reality for the youth. Through its vast network of NGOs, corporate partners, schools, institutes and entrepreneurs, the foundation has created a three (3) step opportunity for the youth to embrace CSR 3.0.

Step 1. Volunteer with a Purpose

Step 2. Learn Business

Step 3. Become a Social Entrepreneur

The foundation encourages the youth to take the opportunities to make a difference to the society and the country to help develop the country through specific theories and actions and become one of the catalysts for the foundations THREE (3) OVER-ARCHING GOALS.

  1. Developing strong institutions through schools as social agents.

  2. Educate and train the youth through the foundations “Almost Free Schools”.

  3. Benefit Social Enterprises through Yaman Camp and other social enterprises support the foundation has put in place.

The foundation ultimately aims to develop the nation through social enterprises anchored on personal social responsibility.

Take action now by signing up here. The best time to start was yesterday. The next best time to do it is NOW.

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