• Nur Laminero

Pocholo Miguel Espina Wins 2021 Developmental Social Enterprise Award

CONGRATULATIONS to POCHOLO MIGUEL ESPINA of SIP PH for being the Awardee of the Developmental Social Enterprise Awards 2021!

Three life events have significantly shaped Pocholo's focus on waste management. The first was joining an organization called ISDA, a skin diving organization that allowed him to experience both the beauty of our environment, and also see all the destruction that we have caused. The second was a 6-month exchange in Romania which made him think about how even developing nations can involve the private sector in better handling recycling and waste. The last was joining a 1-week program by Save Philippine Seas called SEA Camp which allowed him to really believe in himself and know that even at the age of 19, h can already make a dent in saving the environment.

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