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BCYF, The First 10 Years: In Honor of the Parents

Updated: Aug 8, 2021

The Benita and Catalino Yap Foundation (then known as the Catalino D. Yap Foundation or CDYF) was established to honor Mr. Catalino D. Yap. Sr., who organized the Saint Anthony institute in 1945, one of many he organized around that time. Today, the SACT College System includes various schools and colleges offering education and training at all academic levels. The College System considers the Foundation as the “soul of the school”.

Pinatubo was the primary area of concern when the Foundation started. Scholarships for Aetas in the area, a Study-Now-Pay-Later plan for thousands of students (high school, college and graduate level); organization of two multipurpose cooperatives, establishment of a local United Way affiliate, organization of the Pinag-isang Samahan ng Mabalacat, various medical-dental and food distribution missions, and, support for the Archdiocesan Social Action Center of Pampanga (e.g. “Sagip Baryo” Adoption Program, etc.) – were the hallmark of these years.

From 1993-2003, the Foundation was focused on Education, Sports, and Institution Building. It organized Holy Rosary School (HRS) in 1995, the Mabalacat Community College, and the Clark Education Centers. The schools are collectively known as the “Gabay Bayan Schools”. The Foundation organized an Annual Summer Sports Festival through HRS. It was involved in the establishment of the local United Way affiliate, two Multipurpose Cooperatives, and “Pinag-sama”, which had various member-groups involved in Grameen-type operations and other barangay-based projects.

By 1995, the Holy Rosary School was organized in cooperation with Fr. Greg Vega and the Santo Rosario Parish in Magalang, Pampanga to help residents of the over half a dozen communities it was serving, which resulted in what are now the SACT Gabay Bayan Schools. The latter, by 2010, included: HRS, the Clark Education Center (CEC), and the SACT Community College in Angeles City (the original SCC was established in Dau in 2004 with Mayor Morales and Abp. Paciano B. Aniceto, D.D. as main supporters and sponsors). The SACT Night School, established in 1953, operates as a charity activity as well.

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