• Nur Laminero

BCYF, The Future, Making Personal Social Responsibility a Lifestyle

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

"Every nation and economy needs to address as much of the fundamentals requirements for its citizens to achieve meaningful life, as their situation permits. How to not duplicate what is already being done, while creating mechanisms for identifying needs, and executing programs and projects as feasible and as effective as possible is the challenge."

- A.S. Yap, BCYF Chairman

With the completion of the 2nd Philippine Conference on Research in CSR, the Foundation is now firmly committed to trying to help the common good through the Three Institutes: CSR Research Institute (CRI), Institute for Social Enterprise and Development (ISED), and Institute for Policy Studies (IPS). Training will be done via the CSR Academy. Continuing with its focus on Social Entrepreneurship, BCYF has also created the Special Projects and Marquee Events (SPAME) group.

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