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1 Million Pesos Awaits 2022 BCYF Innovation Awardee

Updated: Jan 26

The Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation supported by Shell Livewire Program and DOST in cooperation with University Social Enterprise & Innovation Council of the Philippines (USE-ICP), Saint Mutien College (STM), PCP Foundation, ComVision Institute presents the 2022 BCYF Innovation Award together with BCYF-Mindanao CSR Council, BCYF-Visayas CSR Council, BCYF-North Luzon CSR Council, BCYF-South Luzon CSR Council, and Saint Anthony College of Technology CSR Advocacy, Research and Education Center (SACT-CARE) in partnership with Radio Mindanao Network, Sunstar, and Big Change Media.

2021 Awardee Ms. Olive Puentespina, Founder of Malagos Food Inc., a Filipino corporation based in Davao City. This Farm to Fork enterprise raises dairy animals for processing over 20 kinds of natural artisanal cheeses.


Innovation may be a product, service, technology, or an initiative, that when applied, is able to transform the organization or sector concerned in a demonstrable and measurable improvement impact and is sustainable.


The Award is part of BCYF’s Comprehensive Social Development Program,which consists of PSR - Research, Education, Events, and Developmental Social Enterprise. It was conceived as a result of meeting various organizations and young people who have implemented innovative initiatives that improve their operations and their areas of concern.

The concept for the Award underwent rigorous discussions over time. For a country like the Philippines, and a region like the ASEAN, the five categories were selected because they represent sectors that significantly influence society.

Through the Shell LiveWIRE Program, the global flagship enterprise program of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment, the awardee shall receive the 1 Million Pesos cash prize to be used for business upgrades, additions, expansion, or any other steps in order to elevate the innovation.

  1. The Innovation must have been implemented in a viable, functioning and registered organization and/or business for at least the last five years with two years of profitable operations both on Profit & Loss and Cash basis. The innovation must have material impact on the bottom line of the company.

  2. There must be a stability of management as proven by Job Description, Work Assignments and Employment Contracts.

  3. There must be better-than-sufficient technical facilities, laboratory equipment and technology investment support over the past 5 years, including training of appropriate and adequate personnel.

  4. There must be proven commitment to sharing the Innovation with others.

  5. There must be a submission of 10-year plan for continuing innovation

  6. There must be better-than-full compliance with a letter and intent of all applicable local, national and international rules and regulations.

  7. There must be proof of no administrative, civil, or criminal action related to the company, innovation, or individuals involved in the innovation in all jurisdictions local and foreign.

  8. There must be timely submission of all supports and attachments as required by the BIA.



  1. A 5-minute or less video from the Nominee explaining why they deserve to be the BIA Awardee

  2. Proof of existence of innovation such as but not limited to high resolution photos, videos, maps, endorsements, submitted or approved government papers, etc.

  3. Discussion of innovation's idea-development, piloting, and commercial operations and prospects, viability and sustainability in writing through the body of the email.

  4. Notarized and/or certified submissions are preferred

  5. Proof of initiation, start, completion, or ownership of innovation by the Nominee

  6. Bio-data or resume with current picture, certification and background of individual, organization or team

  7. Approval of the Privacy Policy


  1. Anyone can nominate. Self-nomination is highly encouraged.

  2. There is no cost involved in the nominations.

  3. The nominee must complete all requirements as indicated in the Submission Requirements list prior to sending.

  4. All nominations must be notarized and soft-copies must be submitted to BIA@bcyfoundation.org


Deadline for submissions is February 14, 2022

  1. Nominations with complete requirements must be emailed to: BIA@bcyfoundation.org

  2. Original copies of the requirements must be mailed to:


Saint Mutien College

Don Cornelio Subd., McArthur Highway Dau,

Mabalacat City, Pampanga 2010

Note: Submitted documents will become properties of BCYF. Any inaccurate or inadvertent representation will merit automatic disqualification. BCYF reserves the right to accept or reject any nomination, and process accordingly.


Question: What happens if the submission is not notarized or no financial statement is available?

Answer: The nomination can continue but awarding will only be given when the requirements are fully completed.

Question: What happens when it is felt that more than one individual or a group is to be nominated?

Answer: The burden to prove that the individuals have equal responsibilities and importance to the innovations success is on the nominee. Necessary justifications with complete details must be submitted.

Question: What is the position of the BIA Permanent Committee when a nomination involves something that happened in another country?

Answer: These are no longer innovation. If the proponent insists on being considered, a proof that there have been fundamental, significant or substantial changes made to the product, services, or technology must be submitted. Otherwise, such innovation found physically elsewhere or through the internet disqualifies the nominee. In the event that the award is given prior to the discovery of something that disqualifies the Awardee from being an innovator, the award can be withdrawn and the prize money must be returned.

Any form of plagiarism, copying, use of public materials that is not properly acknowledged with permission from the author or source of such material disqualifies the entry and will result to the withdrawal of any recognition if such is given prior to the discovery.

Question: What is the position of the BIA permanent committee on the statutory requirements of the government whether national, provincial or local that affect any Innovation submitted?

Answer: All applicable laws must be met not only on the letter of the law but also on the intent for the laws rules and regulations. If any nominee has been convicted by any civil, criminal or administrative failure, they are deemed to be disqualified. If a charge has been submitted and they have not been convicted, the burden of full disclosure will be from the one asking to be nominated. The BIA Permanent Committee will determine if the charge merits a postponement, removal or disqualification of the one being considered for the award.

Question: What happens if the nominee has won other awards previously?

Answer: Winners of other awards whether in the same or other categories does not disqualify the nominee. There is no age limit, no minimum size of project in value or quantity. It is in the significance of a commercially viable innovation.

Awardees and finalists of other BCYF Awards such as the CSR Youth Awards, Developmental Social Enterprise Award and Search for Hometown Heroes may submit their applications provided that the applicant is able to identify an innovation.

If an innovation has won awards from other award giving bodies, the applicant may still submit a nomination to BCYF provided it meets the requirements set by the BCYF Innovation Awards Permanent Committee.

Question: What is the tax arrangement for Php1,000,000 cash prize?

Answer: The money is given based on the specifications and requirements of Shell. The awardee shall meet Shell in order to discuss tax and other details in which BCYF will not be part of the discussions.

Question: Are there any requirements required of the Awardee post the awarding?

Answer: All awardees are required to submit reports on the progress of the Innovation once a year and/or as often as required by Shell. The minimum requirement is for all awardees to accept invitations to speak or to host round tables, meetings, conferences, or other programs and events to share their technology. Any portion of the technology that they would like to keep as strictly confidential should be advised with the BIA Permanent Committee who will make determination if such exceptions prevent the nominee from later sharing since the purpose of all BCYF projects is to expand the availability of the knowledge, materials, information, and experts to the greater number especially those in the Philippines.

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