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Nomination is open until February 14, 2022

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About BCYF Innovation Award

The BCYF Innovation Award can be for any aspect of life or business such as, but not limited to Government Service, SMEs, Education, Technology, Industry, and Health Services


February 25, 2022
Awards Night

What is Innovation?

Innovation Award Background

The Award is part of BCYF’s Comprehensive Social Development Program,which consists of PSR - Research, Education, Events, and Developmental Social Enterprise. It was conceived as a result of meeting various organizations and young people who have implemented innovative initiatives that improve their operations and their areas of concern.

The concept for the Award underwent rigorous discussions over time. For a country like the Philippines, and a region like the ASEAN, the five categories were selected because they represent sectors that significantly influence society.

Through the Shell LiveWIRE Program, the global flagship enterprise program of Pilipinas Shell Petroleum Corporation that promotes entrepreneurship, innovation and meaningful employment, the awardee shall receive the 1 Million Pesos cash prize to be used for business upgrades, additions, expansion, or any other steps in order to elevate the innovation.

Dr. Josefina Abilay

2021 Awardee

Dr. Josefina Abilay is the Regional Director of DOST MIMAROPA. She was cited for her notable contributions to the socio-economic development of the region, particularly in the space of poverty alleviation and disaster risk reduction and management and climate change adaptation.

Committed to transforming lives of communities in MIMAROPA Region, DOST-MIMAROPA is at forefront of creating sustainable

innovative S&T solutions to long-standing challenges.

Olivia Puentespina

2021 Awardee

Ma. Olivia Puentespina is the founder of Malagos Food Inc., a Filipino corporation based in Davao City. This Farm to Fork enterprise raises dairy animals for processing over 20 kinds of natural artisanal cheeses.

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Jonathan Suy

2018 Awardee

The leading integrated poultry farm producers of high-quality Broiler Chicken Meat in the Philippines. Its range of operations comprises Feed Mill Plants, Parent Stock Farms, Hatchery, Broiler Farms, Dressing Plant, Cold Storage Facility, and Meat Processing Plant. Their products are highly appreciated for their high nutritional content for their natural guaranteed clean, fresh, canned foods and frozen meat.

Alvira Cesar Reyes

2017 Awardee

Developed the Rearden Roaster coffee-roasting machine to help coffee farmers improve their income. The Rearden Roaster is a 2-kilo batch roaster machine capable of roasting different kinds of beans from moisture levels of the coffee bean between 11 percent and 18 percent.

Onelab DOST

2017 Awardee

Represented by Usec Brenda Nazareth-Manzano, OneLab is an innovation in service delivery that virtually integrates 21 regional and research institute laboratories of DOST, as well as seven other non-DOST laboratories all over the country into a network. The aim is to provide easy-access and wide-ranging service offerings to the manufacturing industries and the general public at a single touch point.

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Engr Crispin Muyrong

2017 Awardee

Introduced several innovations such as the use of a 1.1-kilowatt evaporative air cooler instead of four units of 2-horsepower conventional freon-operated air-conditioning unit for cooling a 100-square-meter processing area and dropped their power consumption by P418.74 daily, or P120,597 on an annual basis.

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