The Benita & Catalino Yap Fundation was originally established in 1993 as the Catalino D. Yap Foundation, in honor of the late sportsman, educator and civic leader.

The Foundation was organized in 1993 to honor the memory of Catalino D. Yap, Sr., Educator, Civic and Sport Leader.


Later on, the name would include Benita, for her inspiring story of love, volunteerism, familial orientation, and accepting attitude.


Starting with scholarships and various socio-civic programs which assisted those affected by Pinatubo, the Foundation quickly got involved with Sports, Education and Institution-Building projects till about the mid 2000s when there was a fortuitous meeting between Mr. Antonio Yap and Dr. Lilian Sison, then Dean of the UST Graduate School. Over the next few years, Mr. Yap would agree to organize the First Philippine Conference on Research in CSR while writing a proposal on how UST might be able to get more involved in CSR, particularly CSR Research.

It was clear to Mr. Yap that the wonderful work of various corporations in helping different segments of society, based on anecdotal and other evidence, would only be better served with such research at UST, at BCYF, and other institutions.

The Foundation is now organized in three ways: projects are undertaken in Social Development Areas (SDAs), Regional Operations are being organized, and the Foundation is now focused on a Volunteer Development Program, a CSR Development Program, and a Social Enterprise Development.


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