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Nomination is open until February 14, 2022

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About BCYF Innovation Award

The BCYF Innovation Award can be for any aspect of life or business such as, but not limited to Government Service, SMEs, Education, Technology, Industry, and Health Services

BCYF Policy Forum

The Policy Forum is an event by BCYF Institute for Policy (BIP) and BCYF Education Institute (BEI) in coordination with National College Educators Council (NCEC), University Social Enterprise and Innovation Council of the Philippines (USE-ICP), Saint Mutien College, and Radio Mindanao Network. 

The purpose of the event is to drive awareness on Key Policies of Senatorial Candidates. This Forum aims to provide students, educators and other participants an avenue to participate in policies that can shape their future.


Your Personal Transformation

Building the country one person at a time though Personal Social Responsibility (CSR 3.0)

Wear Your Mask, Help Protect Lives

The BCYF Team encourages the public to ensure safety at all times.
It is estimated that about 40% of the people who have COVID-19 are asymptomatic. This makes it more difficult to identify potential carriers of the virus without actual test. It is wise to ensure safety first. 


Live the CSR 3.0 Lifestyle

BCYF Three Steps towards a Personal Social Responsibility Lifestyle


Volunteer with a Purpose

Start your CSR 3.0 journey by taking the first step as a volunteer. Read our Personal Responsibility Commitment and affix your signature. 


Learn & Study Business

BCYF presents multiple options for your to study business. Go to our Learn Business page to see your options and choices for this step.

Learn Business

Become a Social Entrepreneur

Become a full pledge CSR 3.0 advocate by becoming a social entrepreneur. Explore BCYF awards to understand social entrepreneurship better.

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Welcome to the BCYF World

We understand the value of social enterprise to the development of our nation. At BCYF, we drive the three step actions towards becoming social entrepreneurs through "experience, learning, and implementation".

The Benita & Catalino Yap Foundation, established in 1993, has a Vision to help the Philippines and the rest of Asia develop in a manner which respects the individual's dignity and contribution by coming up with innovative social solutions.

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BCYF Events

See the BCYF events whole year round.
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